British Petroleum

West Azeri Loadbank Package


Client : British Petroleum

Location: Azeri (East)


  • 3x 20ft 6MVA Load banks
  • 3x 5.8MVA Transformers
  • 1 x 200kVA Auxiliary Generator



BRITISH Petroleum, owners of the recently commissioned Production, Drilling and Quarters (PDQ) platform based in East Azeri, contracted Crestchic Limited, the UK’s preferred Load bank hire specialist, to undertake a 12.5MVA Load bank test on the rigs’ Rolls Royce turbines during a 10 week period.

The load requirement involved the transportation and installation of three 6MVA Load banks, three 5.8MVA Transformers operating a 6kV 60Hz, 3-phase system, 100m of medium voltage cable and one 200kVA auxiliary supply generator.

“The rig is part of a multi-billion dollar project in East Azeri ,” said Jo Price, Rental Manager at Crestchic Limited.

“A few years ago we supplied the same Load bank testing to the rig on the West side of Azeri, also a multi-billion dollar BP drilling project. The testing equipment for East Azeri was transported by sea, rail and road to Azerbaijan where our engineer, who was contracted to remain on site for the duration of the test, installed the Load banks and began the testing phase.”

The 15,850 tonne topside was sailed away in the latter part of 2006 into 150m water depth on the east side of Azeri Field. Operating one generator set of Rolls Royce RB211 gas turbines, the platform is set to increase the oil yield by around 800,000 extra barrels per year.

“lt’s a huge project in the Azeri Field. The testing of the generators is a crucial key stage in the full commissioning and maintenance of the rig.

“Prior to the start of the two week testing schedule, we installed both low and medium voltage cabling and ensured the load banks achieved a resistive and resistive reactive capability at 0.8PF and stepped load increments up and down 1kW/1kVA, allowing for the incredibly accurate application and rejection of load.”

Crestchic is a dedicated manufacturer and retail supplier of load bank packages, which are available from 30kW to 100MVA. Boasting high profile clients from every corner of the globe, Crestchic is leading the way in load bank solutions for the power generation, oil and marine sectors.