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Resistive Only Load Bank

A resistive load bank provides simulated electrical loading for generators and back up power systems.

When used as a controlled system test, the load simulates real-life resistive loads, such as incandescent lighting and heating loads as well as the resistive or unity power factor component of magnetic (motors, transformers).

Resistive only load banks are available from 10kW to 6000kW.

Medium Voltage Load Bank

With footprint size an ever vital consideration in many markets, our medium voltage load banks provide higher voltages with integrated transformers & load banks packaged in one ISO container. Available in wide range of voltages up to 33kV in both resistive and resistive-reactive configuration. Crestchic will design and build MV load banks to your exact voltage, frequency and capacity requirements.

DC Load Bank

Batteries are used extensively across industry to provide critical parallel emergency power to essential systems. The reliable operation of these batteries is vital. Crestchic’s range of DC load banks are specially designed to provide an accurate load for the discharge of batteries, both following amps and voltage.

Aviation Ground Power

Crestchic manufacture a range of load banks specifically for testing aircraft ground power units.

Our aviation load banks are available as resistive-only, or resistive-reactive, both with DC capability, all at 400Hz

Services & Spares

With over 35 years of loadbank manufacturing, Crestchic’s load bank services team support load banks of varying sizes and age across the world.

Our service contracts help keep your Crestchic load bank in peak condition with regular maintenance and software upgrade visits scheduled at your convenience. Our data module calibration service ensures that the applied electrical load is accurate over a 12 month period, with traceability to UKAS laboratory standards.

Resistive-Reactive Load Bank

A resistive-reactive load bank contains both resistive elements and inductors that are used to provide load-testing at a lagging Power Factor. This includes the capability to test the generator set fully at 100% kVA rating.
Resistive/reactive loads are able to simulate the operation of motor loads and electromagnetic devices within a power system. It can also provide purely resistive loads. Available from 50kVA to 6250kVA.

Transformer Packages

To complement our range of load banks and also serve the international temporary power generation sector, Crestchic manufacturers a range of containerised step-up/step-down transformers. The multi-tap transformers range from 2000kVA to 8000kVA, with voltage up to 34.6kV.

Load Bank Control Systems

Crestchic utilises the latest technology in its state of the art load bank control systems.

From a basic manual controller to the portable ruggedized tablet control system, the load banks feature a microprocessor control that allows accurate adding of loads during the testing phase.

Load Bank Rental Services

Crestchic rental division provide a range of delivery and installation options, support services and accessories to complement our rental packages. You can choose to have equipment installed for self operation, operated by Crestchic, or simply delivered to site. Whichever option you choose, with Crestchic’s unparalleled experience in providing worldwide load testing solutions, you can be assured that the service you receive will be second to none.

Load Bank Rental Equipment

The Crestchic rental fleet is designed to operate across a range of voltages and frequencies up to 690V and up to to 36kV with the addition of our containerised step-down transformers.

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Founded in 1983, Crestchic is one of the world’s leading specialist manufacturers of load banks which are used in the testing of power supplies in the most demanding climactic and environmental conditions across seven continents. Operating from locations in the UK, North America, China, Singapore, France, Germany and UAE, the company is at the forefront of innovation and design, with thriving sales and rental operations and a loyal and growing customer base worldwide.

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Crestchic UK HQ


British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has recently installed a second Crestchic load bank to safeguard critical data and the livelihood of scientists at two of its primary research stations, one of which is credited for the discovery of the ozone hole in 1985.

British Antarctic Survey

“Crestchic was the ideal provider for us as it enabled us to design exactly what we wanted at the same time as remaining cost efficient. We were provided with such a good service and robust product in the first instance that we returned to Crestchic for our most recent installation at the Rothera station. You can’t survive here without resilient generators and we can’t afford to lose the power so the load banks are critical for our operation out in Antarctica.”


Mark Wales,

Facilities Manager, British Antarctic Survey

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